DSC_0113_108x150_bwBeiBei Song, M.B.A.
@Essinova, @SongBeiBei

BeiBei Song is Founder, Host and Executive Producer of Essinova, a media and educational suite of programs at the confluence of science, technology, innovation, culture and human well being.

BeiBei Song has a variety of corporate and entrepreneurial experiences in multiple industries, including information technology, financial services, health care, life sciences, and sustainability / cleantech, in the U.S., China and Europe, working for employers and clients such as China Chamber of International Commerce, Citigroup, Intuit, and Eli Lilly Asia.  She has also been a Career Advisor at Stanford University Graduate School of Business, and a Host of “Silicon Valley Spotlight” interview show on KTSF.

Ms. Song holds an M.B.A. from Stanford University Graduate School of Business, and a B.S. from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing.   In her earlier career she was licensed to practice law in China and held NASD broker-dealer license.  She is an Argentine tango dancer and art lover.


LJC_108x150Llewellyn Cox Ph.D.
@llewellyncox, @lieulabs, @goodbadsci

Llewellyn Cox is Founder and Principal of LieuLabs Science Hive, an independent biotech research company based in Los Angeles, California. Llewellyn has a variety of professional interests, including neuroscience, stem cell biology, green chemistry, biosynthesis, astrophysics, and quantum mechanics.

Originally from the UK, he has a BSc from the University of Sheffield, and PhD from the University of Wales. Llewellyn later studied developmental neuroscience at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City, and has worked in research management roles at the University of Southern California and City of Hope.


Rhonda-Shrader_108x150_bwRhonda Shrader, M.B.A.

Rhonda Shrader is Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Phalula, a behavior-based system which integrates machine learning with the latest neuroscience research to identify responsible and reliable borrowers.  She was previously Vice President of Marketing at Thrive Research, a start-up using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality to address behavioral health issues. Her passions include Health 2.0, neuroscience and using technology to address health issues in novel ways.

She serves as an advisor for UCSF’s Center for BioEntrepreneurship and led the commercial information strategy team at Genentech. As a management consultant, she led projects for Medtronic, Nature Publishing and several healthcare systems. Rhonda has an AB in neuropsychology from Harvard and an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

Besides writing extensively for corporate blogs, academic journals and trade publications, Ms. Shrader also writes about local theater and arts performances.


108x150xTim-McCormick_headshot_10-06-2012_cropped4_bw.jpg.pagespeed.ic.-F8dKyIrRGTim McCormick, M.S. LIS.
@tmccormick, @SocSchol, @Houslets

Tim McCormick is a designer, product developer, consultant, and writer in Palo Alto, California, working on early-stage new-media, library science and technology, scholar publishing and urban design projects. Previously he was research consultant at Stanford Media X; co-founder of Open Library of Humanities; Sr. Product Manager, Emerging Content at Stanford HighWire Press; and Product Manager at OCLC Online Computer Library Center.

Tim has a B.A. from Yale University and M.S. LIS in Library and Information Science from New York University.


Vanessa-Loder_08b7419_108x150Vanessa Loder, M.B.A.

Vanessa Loder is an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and writer whose company, Akoya Power, supports women in stepping into their power unapologetically. She is also the Co-Founder of the Mindfulness Based Achievement curriculum, a program that teaches high achievers how to attain success with ease.

Vanessa received her MBA from Stanford University and is trained in hypnosis and past life regression healing. Her personal transformation, subsequent research and work has led to thousands of women finding more passion, success and love with ease.


Carley-Hauck_108x150_bwCarley Hauck, M.A.

Carley Hauck is the founder of Intuitive Wellness where she works as an integrative life coach, wellness consultant, and teacher.  Carley teaches mindfulness as the first step in wellness when she works with corporate organizations to improve productivity, happiness and health.  Carley has a long time meditation practice and is a graduate of Spirit Rocks Dedicated Practitioners Program.  She is a lead research consultant observing the link between mindfulness as it relates to stress reduction and weight loss.  Carley teaches on the subjects of Intuitive Eating, The Power of Habit, Positive Psychology, and Happiness at Stanford University.

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